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Couples Therapy

Toronto Licensed Couples Psychotherapists

Couples therapy can be a very effective way to help each partner find new and more productive ways of responding to each other, especially when confronted by “negative” patterns that often cause difficulty. Similar to my individual therapy approach, couples explore their relationship concerns through regular talk therapy sessions. If a marriage is falling apart, then marriage therapy can help open up channels of communication.

Some of the areas I focus on during therapy include:

  • Creating greater empathy for each partner’s deepest needs, fears and reactions
  • Learning to express needs and fears more directly
  • Coping with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, addictions, illness, loss and anger
  • Issues of equality and fairness; equal sharing of responsibilities
  • Issues related to closeness and distance; pursuing and distance patterns
  • All aspects of sexuality, including loss of desire at different life stages
  • Pre-marital counselling for first and second marriages


Read my motivation letter for married and unmarried couples in Toronto.


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Ellen Starr Psychotherapy
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Ellen Starr Psychotherapy